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Don’t look any further.

Tom was referred to me to handle my divorce. His knowledge and experience helped me maintain my sanity. His best interest are in the best of the divorce and my case, my kids. The divorce was challenging and he was direct and fair despite what I was dealing with with my ex wife. He actually kept me calm and grounded. It’s not about the money rather the best case scenario during a divorce. I respect his expertise his advise.


The best of the best like no other

I contacted Mr. King by phone and I was very skeptical, because I had contacted 3 prior attorneys were I left their offices crying. When I explained my situation, he made me feel confident that we were going to win this case. Like other reviews say he does have a calm and soothing voice that even if you feel uneasy and anxious that anxiety is gone. We went in front of a mediator and even though the other party acted like a mad dog, Ms. King unbelievably tame him. I have to say, I was impress and so happy inside I just could expressed at that particular moment. He went to the point and when the other party did want to budge or agree to certain things, Mr King was absolutely suave about the situation and here comes the magic, the mad dog agrees. He fight for you he cares for you. He tries to get as much information and he does not forget any details, and as a matter of fact he makes valuable suggestions when the other party tries to make the situation out of the question he, he comes up with favorable solution on my part. I recommend this attorney to everyone that has any type of family disputes. This attorney is an angel. Simply the best.


Thorough and easy to work with, A+ Attorney!

Tom was very helpful and easy to understand. He did not complicate things and got to the point. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a family lawyer or divorce representation.


The Best

A Lawyer who actually cares about you. Tom is awesome. best decision you will ever make.


Highly Recommend

I was referred to Mr. King by a friend of mine. I am a divorced mother with an 11-year-old daughter. As per our divorce settlement agreement, the terms had to be revisited and adjusted based on our current life circumstances four years after the effective date of the divorce. My ex-husband and I used a mediator during our divorce procedure, but since I was not pleased with the outcome of the negotiation, I decided to hire a lawyer this time who could represent me in a more powerful way.

Mr. King exceeded my expectations. He responded to my voicemail promptly and his calming voice put me at ease while we set up the in-person intake appointment. He greeted me with a kind smile and patiently listened to me. I was pleasantly surprised when halfway through our meeting Mr. King outlined his “game plan” to to me. He did not want the procedure to be dragged out because he understood how emotionally draining it is. It was refreshing to meet a lawyer whose goal was not to pocket as much money as possible, but to go through the process efficiently and fairly with the least amount of pain possible. I truly appreciated Mr. King’s ability to assess which issues had more room for firmer negotiation and in which areas we had to take a gentler approach. Regardless, I never felt that I had to “give in.” We made all the decisions together, and Mr. King’s balanced strategy worked very well. Even my ex-husband admitted at the very end that he felt that we could maintain our integrity during the process. I am certain that it was due to Mr. King’s professional, logical, experienced and occasional “peacekeeper-like” approach.

I completely trust and recommend Mr. King to anyone who needs his expertise. He is an excellent lawyer and an approachable, compassionate and kind person.


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