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Restraining Order for Harrassing Your Job

Unfortunately, an ex-spouse may try and harrass you indirectly, such as interfereing with your employment, in that case, the court has the power to issue a restaining order.

Final Restraining Order

20-2-9767 C.G. v. E.G., N.J.Super. Ch. Div. (Ocean Cnty.) (Jones, J.S.C.) (15 pp.) Plaintiff, who was estranged from defendant, her husband, sought a final restraining order pursuant to the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act based on defendant’s attempted interference with her return to her former employment as a waitress. Specifically, she alleged that defendant had been sending her threatening text messages warning her not to return to work and had been calling her former workplace and bothering her former employer, as well as his wife, alleging that plaintiff and the employer were having an affair. Plaintiff also alleged that in the past, defendant had called her derogatory names and had punched her and given her a black eye. The court found that, under the totality of the circumstances, defendant’s attempted interference with plaintiff’s employment constituted purposeful harassment and coercion and warranted the issuance of a final restraining order under the PDVA. [Filed June 30, 2016]

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